How to Raise a Happy Puppy

Am I Ready for a Puppy?:

Costs & Health Concerns to Consider

  • Puppy Shots cost from $100 to $200. It is imperative that puppies not have contact with other dogs that are not up to date on their vaccinations. Puppies should never go to public areas that are frequented by other dogs, including dog parks, until two weeks after they have had their entire series of puppy shots.

***WARNING: Puppies do not have a developed immune system, so they are constantly AT RISK!***

  • Flea and Tick Prevention costs approximately $15 per month. Frontline or Advantix are both topical treatments. Flea bites can cause serious skin irritation, and tick bites can lead to Lyme's disease.

  • Housetraining a puppy requires patience, positive reinforcement and a set routine. A puppy can only hold its bladder for one hour per month of age, plus one additional hour.

    • Example: A puppy age 3 months can hold its bladder for 4 hours maximum. This includes through the night!!!

    • To successfully housetrain a puppy, you may have to take him out several times in the middle of the night! If you work during the day, the puppy will require someone to take him outside every few hours. If your puppy becomes accustomed to eliminating in your home without proper housetraining, it will be EXTREMELY difficult to housetrain the puppy when he is older. With every puppy, there will be accidents and you should consider if a puppy will comfortably fit into your lifestyle and home.

  • Obedience Training for your puppy is as important for your puppy as it is for you. Your puppy should be enrolled in a training class to learn basic obedience, as well as to give them the opportunity to socialize with other puppies. Choosing a training program based on a “positive reward” system is extremely worthwhile to both you and your puppy. A training program can range in cost from $100 to $800 depending on if you choose a group training class or individual instruction. If you desire a referral for a trainer in your area please contact me.

  • Puppy Supplies you will need include collar, ID tag, lead, harness, bowls, bed, brush, toys, etc. You can easily spend in excess of $100 on these items on your first shopping trip for puppy.

  • Feeding Puppy is the most important factor in raising a healthy adult dog. The old saying “you are what you eat” is never more true than choosing what food to feed your puppy. We stress the importance of not feeding your puppy kibble that is purchased at the grocery store or at a discounted “big box” store. By feeding your puppy a higher quality food you are giving then the opportunity to enjoy a long healthy life. Spending more on dog kibble now is much more cost effective than spending large amounts of money at your vet as your dog ages.

***This information is not all inclusive of the costs and health concerns associated with adopting a puppy, but hopefully it gives you an opportunity to look at the realistic side of what a puppy requires to enjoy a long, healthy and happy life.***