Dogs X-Allies Training Initiative

Dogs X-Allies is Dog XL Rescue initiative aimed at increasing successful and permanent dog adoptions. The Dogs X-Allies mission is to educate dog lovers about the importance of training and to provide support for dogs experiencing behavioral issues every step of the way: from intake to foster home and even after adoption!

There are many different aspects of the Dogs X-Allies initiative including organizing training classes for adoptable dogs in foster care and boarding, increased focus on encouraging and facilitating post-adoption training, and socialization for dogs in boarding to ease the transition into home life with a foster or adopter. Rescue dogs are often stuck in boarding because they are high energy and need one on one time and attention in order to develop good manners that will make adopters and fosters more interested in giving them a home. If you're wondering, if a dog is adopted during the training class than adopters can stay enrolled in the class free of charge - an incentive to adopt one of our pooches who need a little more of a spit-shine before they are perfect.

Dogs X-Allies recruits local behaviorists and trainers to work with Dogs XL to provide discounted services to make training more accessible for rescue dogs and adopters and to ensure that every dog adopted out is a well-adjusted member of the canine community.

Dogs X-Allies also provides diverse volunteer opportunities to engage community members who want to help dogs in rescue but are unable to foster in their own homes. The opportunity to dedicate your time to a dog in need is a great experience. You'll also learn valuable skills you can share with your own dog (or future dog).

Future plans include discounted basic obedience classes for recent adopters and Canine Good Citizen testing!

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