About Dogs XL

Unfortunately, Dogs XL has made the difficult decision to suspend operations for the foreseeable future. We are unable to accept any dogs, including returns, at this time. Dogs XL hereby releases former adopters from provision 6 in its adoption agreement, which requires adopters to return dogs to Dogs XL in the event they are unable to keep them. We encourage anyone who has concerns about a dog's behavior to contact a certified dog trainer to try to work through the issues you may be experiencing. We recommend Mutt Magic (https://www.muttmagic.com/) or Tecla's K9 Academy (http://www.tk9fordogs.com/) if you are located in Maryland. If you are still unable to keep your dog, please reach out to your local animal control or other rescues in your area. Thank you for supporting rescue.

Mission Statement

Dogs XL is a new “breed” of dog rescue, committed to the philosophy that there is no such thing as a perfect dog or a perfect home. The right dog is out there for everyone who is willing to open heart and home to a canine companion. Dogs XL operates like a social networking service for dogs, designed to match people and pets based on the principles of compatibility and compassion.

As the name implies, Dogs XL specializes in finding homes for large dogs (typically 50lbs+). Large dogs are often first to be put to sleep in shelters because medical treatment and food for large dogs is more expensive than for small dogs. Large dogs also take up more space at the shelter and on transports to adoptive families. Although owning a large dog is not for everyone, large dogs have many unique and endearing qualities. Here at Dogs XL, we believe the larger the dog, the more there is to love.

Dogs XL is a volunteer based, 501c3 not for profit animal rescue group. We make every effort to respond to emails within 1 week, but we appreciate your patience and cooperation with our volunteers.

Thank you for considering adoption!

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