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Pet Insurance

Many companies now offer pet insurance. Just like human health insurance, policies can be difficult to understand and vary dramatically in cost and the services they cover. Unlike human health insurance, most pet insurance policies require policy holders to pay all expenses out of pocket, and then the insurer will reimburse a portion of the expenses if you send in the receipt. Here are some some resources that compare the costs and benefits of various policies.

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Pet Plan Pet Insurance

Rescue dogs go through a lot of stressful transitions while under our care. They are often coming from owners/shelters with limited resources; sometimes they are malnourished and poorly cared for. They are crammed into shelters and transports in close proximity with other dogs (from similarly poor conditions) and shuffled from shelter to boarding to vets to foster homes and finally to you, the adopter. Although we make every effort to ensure that the dogs we adopt out are healthy at the time of adoption, we are not veterinarians and sometimes minor health ailments (such as parasites, respiratory infections, ear infections, surgical site infections, etc) may slip by unnoticed. Additionally, due to viral incubation periods and the role of stress in changing situations, dogs that are healthy at the time of adoption may begin exhibiting symptoms of illness a few days post adoption.

For these reasons, Dogs XL has partnered with Pet Plan to offer insurance products to mitigate
costs adopters may incur in caring for their rescue dog. Dogs XL reviewed numerous pet health
plans and we found Pet Plan to be the most economical and high quality insurance product on the market. All dogs adopted through Dogs XL receive 30 days of pet insurance through Pet Plan included under the adoption fee and effective from the date of the adoption.

Adopters may extend the coverage by signing up to pay monthly premiums any time during the 30 day trial period. For dogs who may have serious underlying health issues which are unknown at the time of the adoption, these plans could offer tremendous cost savings to the adopter.

Read more about Pet Plan and get a policy quote for your dog on their website:  

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