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Some adopters have a very specific dog or breed of dog in mind that they wish to adopt. For an adoption to be successful, we urge adopters to select the most compatible dog for their lifestyle. Even if you think it's love at first sight, a super high energy, 8 week old puppy is generally not a good match for a single person who works 10 hours a day and lives in an apartment. 

Dogs XL volunteers have years of experience in helping adopters select dogs that are good matches for them. We want the adopter and the dog to have a positive experience. Adopters should keep an open mind when considering Dogs XL recommendations. Dogs XL offers ongoing support and educational resources to adopters for the lifetime of the dog. Even the most savvy dog owner can always learn something new about dogs everyday.

If you don't see a particular dog in the available dogs section that suits your needs, Dogs XL will gladly help you find the kind of dog your are looking for. We work with numerous animal shelters in Maryland and throughout the Southeastern US so it won't take us long to locate any kind of dog. 

In order for adopter and dog to have a positive experience we encourage adopters to keep an open mind when considering Dogs XL recommendations. Dogs XL offers ongoing support and educational resources to adopters for the lifetime of the dog.