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They Grow Up So Fast! 2011

Achilles has been eating, sleeping, & drinking just fine. No, coughing or sneezing, or anything like that. He is already incredibly  spoiled & loving every minute of it! I'll attach a picture of him curled up on "his" couch with our other dog's "baby" he has adopted as his own, she's not sure how she feels about that but she's willing to share. He even went with us to VA for Christmas & did wonderfully!

We are so happy to have Achilles as part of our family, I don't know how we lived without him :) Please pass along our thanks to everyone at the rescue, we couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Alby's neuter surgery went well last Friday and except for the fact that he hated the cone, I'm not sure he noticed. Here are two pictures he was convinced to sit still for...

Nelson is a great dog, and we have all fallen in love with him.  He loves the kids...and their waffles among other things:)  He is quite the food thief which has provided a lot of laughs and, fortunately, has not had any ill effects on him.  The attached picture is him with his two favorite stuffed animals from his foster home, his Foster Mommie was kind enough to send several of Nelson's favorite toys with him.

How can I ever thank you??? Wanted you to see Peter Pan in his favorite bed, of course! It is a little crowded sometimes but very warm and cozy!!!

Lincoln (Captain) is an AWESOME dog, friendly, happy and a big ham (see attached picture)!
I am very grateful to Dogs XL Rescue and continually recommend your rescue !

Holiday Greetings!

We found Ellie through Petfinders and a local rescue group called DogsXL. She was listed as being part Golden and coming up from high kill shelter in S. Carolina.Well that was four months ago and look at her now. We still aren't sure that there's any Golden hiding in her but whatever her lineage how you can you not love that face.

We wake every morning to a wagging tail and endless puppy kisses. I can't think of any better way to start my day. Thank you DogsXL for rescuing this adorable bundle of furkid and giving her a second chance at a forever home. And from Ellie the Elf......she wishes everyone a Happy Holiday!

Kramer's Christmas letter

Hi everybody!  I have had a nice holiday.  My favorite toy is Mr. Walrus.  He is fun to suck on so he got pretty matted.  For Christmas my family gave me 12 new Walruses!!  (They were on clearance and my Mom was afraid she wouldn't find them again.)  I have grown in my winter coat and I am really soft and fuzzy.  They tell me I am like hugging a big soft teddy bear.  I have great fun on my walks.  We go down trails and see squirrels, rabbit and deer.  It would be fun to catch a deer but my leash is not long enough.  I hope you have all had a nice holiday, and give the other orphan animals a kiss for me.    Love, Kramer

Adrianna, now Kasha, has settled in great with our family and everyone who meets her loves her!
We have only had her a little over a week now and we couldn't be happier with her!  The funniest story about her at this point, is when she climbed into bed with us, pinning my husband down by laying right on top of him - I had to get out of bed so he could roll out from under her and he could get out on my side of the bed - she wasn't budging!! Thank you Dogs XL for letting us take this beautiful big girl into our home and our hearts!

It was hilarious watching Scooby figure out his first stream, and if he could walk through it. Well he eventually did tip toe through the stream to the other side and after a few minutes came running through the water at me with the biggest smile on his face. I feel blessed to be able to give him a good home, and I can tell that he is very happy to be home!

Magnus/Big Whit is doing well!

Take a peek at what Odie can do when left alone for under a minute. But his new family loves him!!!

All in all Elli (Gabby) is doing GREAT. She's a huge people and dog pup, loves to travel and has fit right in perfectly. And what a love bug she is!!!!  Thanks for caring enough to follow-up on Elli's health and welfare. Rest assured she's getting more luvin' then she knows what to do with and has found a forever home where she's being spoiled rotten.

Brees is AMAZING! He is the best! He is sweet, respectful, loves to play, knows how to sit and give the paw, wait for his food and loves to go on walks and running! He went head first into the pool and LOVED it, but then he hated the hairdryer :)

Vador's new name is Cody! He has adjusted very well. He's eating, and sleeping fine. I don't think he ever saw a squirrel before - he's fascinated by them. He's interested in EVERYTHING we do.

Waylon (Coco Puff)  is doing great.  He's such a playful pup!

Hippo's doing great!!We go to the dog park everyday and he is so happy running around with the other dogs. At home he generally is sleeping or chewing on a bone. Hippo is definitely a lover always going up to anyone that will give him a good scratch.

Maggie (Abby) is growing by leaps and bounds. You'd hardly recognize the shy little puppy from three weeks ago! Her coat has finished filing in, soft and glossy, and her confidence has grown right in with it. She galumphs around on her (enormous!) puppy paws, loves everyone and everything she comes across, and has discovered the joys of both cats (fun to chase) and Kong toys (yummy!).  She always has us laughing at something.

Scottie is doing very well, and he is already part of the family.

Palmer is doing great!! (As you can see from his pics…..lounging by the fire, portrait and his support for breast cancer research!!) We are having fun!! He loves his treats and unstuffing his toys!

Dexter is doing well - he loves his crate and cuddly-stuff!

It only took one week as Ruby's fosters to decide that we were going to be her forever home. We saw her potential right away. We didn't get angry when we saw her gracefully leap over the baby gates we put in her way, we got excited that she might be a dog that would do well in dog sports. She is fearless and willing to try anything we ask her to do. She has every quality we could ask for and is currently in training to be a well-mannered all around fabulous family member.

Porky (now Rupert) seems to be doing really well in just about everything. He has grown to 45 pounds so far and seems to still be growing every day. He is in 'Intermediate' training classes and loves seeing all his friends there. He is even wearing the cat down. The cat tries not to like him, but it's obvious that they are becoming friends.

Biscuit is growing fast.  And she is one happy, energetic puppy!  It is great to have her as a  new addition to our family.

This laid back pup definitely landed the good life.  Dino is settling in well to his new New York City life, getting lots of walk and playtime with all the local pups.  He is already walking well on the leash and learning new words daily.  But not only is this gifted pup a modern day genius, he's a great cuddler, giving his new parents lots of kisses.

Sugar is doing great in his new home. While he was first pretty shy, he is now coming out of his shell, showing off his great personality and excellent ability to cuddle -- and giving new meaning to "as sweet as Sugar."

Introducing...Sunny!!  Sunny loves playing with toys, rolling around on the grass, and getting his belly rubbed.  He is quickly learning how to walk on a leash and loves getting treats when he uses the "outdoor facilities."  He is calm and sweet and pays no mind to the cats.  When he's not chewing on toys, he's sleeping under my desk chair.  But as soon as I get up, he's ready to play again.  He follows me everywhere!  How can you not love this little guy?!?!

Love at first sight! We saw Hunter on a friend’s Facebook page and fell in love with him when we met him. Hunter came home on March 16th and became an instant member of our family.  He is a pup who loves being with us and he travels with us wherever we go. He has been to visit his doggie cousins in NC and WVA, and he enjoys visiting dog buddies in the neighborhood and beyond. Fridays are playdates with his doggie cousin Fern. One favorite activity is puppy workouts with the soccer ball in the backyard. Hunter is a great puppy who we expect to grow into a fabulous dog. Thanks DogsXL for allowing us to adopt him!

Zane (aka Thurman) has adjusted well to his new home. He’s quite the favorite both at home and at the vet.  He’s even loved by other species, including the cat.  It turns out he’s quite the water dog, splashing around in his own private pool. “He is a wonderful addition to our family and
could not be cuter or smarter.” 

Duey is doing great in his new home with his family and his new roommate, Olive, a 10 year old lab. He’s even carved a space on the bed. That’s one smart dog!

Tangie is doing great with her new home and her new big brother. She’s top of her class, having passed out of puppy and beginner training, going straight to intermediate training. Watch out world, this is one smart pup!

Kelly - who is now Molly - is an unbelievable dog.  She loves our older dog, Isabel, and that made things easy as far as training.

Baxter (a.k.a. Antony) has a new family who is absolutely in love with him. Nothing but smiles on everyone's faces.