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They Grow Up So Fast!

Louie (now Bonza) is doing really well, eating and drinking normally -- there were a couple of accidents the first night we were home, but that's to be expected.  We've had a couple of small scuffles for dominance in the last day or two as he's gotten more settled, but again nothing out of the ordinary for a new home. He's made fast friends with all the other dogs/people in his immediate vicinity and seems to be a perfectly happy camper!

Milo's (pka Saul) Mom sent us this picture of Graduation from Training Class!

Selena is now named Annabelle and she is doing awesome! She occasionally whines at night, but her crate is beside the bed and all I have to do is put my hand on it to calm her down. Annabelle eats and drinks well. So sweet! Annabelle is great with everyone she meets; cats, kids, dogs, no problem :)

Nelson (Deuce) graduated Family Dog 1 (basic obedience class) last week and did really well.  He's put on 20 pounds since you saw him and looks great.  The positive dog training click and TREAT suits him well.  You will see that he lost all of his fuzzy red fur and has a beautiful slick shiny brown coat.  He took his first boat ride recently and loved it -- his goofy ears flapping in the wind.  We are currently working on helping him through thunderstorms and fireworks which really really scare him.  We got him a thundershirt which helps slightly and I just went out and bought a white noise machine to see if that helps.  Someone at Petco told me about Richard's Organics Pet Calm for Dogs and I'll try that too.  Any suggestions from your experiences would be helpful.   The obedience class was the best thing for both him and us.  We learned how to communicate with him in ways he understands and have so many ways to redirect behaviors when needed.  He is a quick study and is a really good student.  He can still get distracted and not listen, but way, way less than in the beginning.  He still growls and lunges at other dogs, but we are working on that and it is slowly getting better.  His teacher wasn't too concerned about it and said he was just telling other dogs "Get out of my face!"  We got some books about reactive dogs and have learned many helpful tips to use as we move forward.  He is the most snuggly dog and SO LOVING!  We absolutely adore him and we are so grateful that you saved him -- thank you!

 I just wanted to send you a couple shots of Louise.  She's all healed up and happy!  We love her so much.
We can't thank you enough for the opportunity to have such a great addition to our family.

Just wanted to give you an update as we continue to be so happy with our boy, Wylie (formerly know as Tyler)...  He has graduated from intermediate level obedience class - he enjoys our yard and pool and has now gained almost 10 pounds.  Thanks again for what you folks do to help get dogs to their forever homes...

We named her Penny (formerly known as Catrina) becasue she looks like a penny. I call her my lucky penny. I think she feels pretty comfortable already! She came to us already trained to sit, lay down and walks really well on a lease. She loves sleeping on the bed!! We all absolutely love her and are so thankful that she was there for us.  My cat has made it clear he is the boss. She cries when he hisses at her but she keeps a respectful distance. For now she is comfortable in a crate for several hours a day til we all wander in throughout the afternoon but I expect that we will be able to leave her out during the day in a few weeks.
She is a great dog!!!

Chaz is doing great here!  He is at just the right puppy stage for us.  He's a huge clumsy sweetie :)

Spades (renamed Lily) is doing well! She sleeps through the night, eats all of her food, and is getting better with house training. She still has some accidents, but we're trying to establish routine walks with her to avoid as many accidents as possible. Lily just loves her chew toys, laying on the couch, and chasing tennis balls. She melts the hearts of everyone who stops to pet her. She's such a happy puppy and makes everyone smile. We are so lucky to have her. Here are some pictures of the princess!

He is the perfect dog.  Goes everywhere with me, LOVES the car

Tomato has been doing great! The first night we had we actually lost power and had the big storm. She did great through it! There has been no coughing or sneezing! She has definitely settled in well!

Eggplant making herself at home

Nathan (I named him Dexter)  woke up a few times in the middle of the night for the first few nights, but now he sleeps through the night. He likes his crate and willingly goes in it to take a snooze at different points during the day. He has been amazing at potty training! He has had zero accidents!! I am very watchful for it, but he really just picked up on the routine quickly. Since getting better, he is now eating and drinking regularly also. Overall, I'd say he is pretty settled in.  I am absolutely in love with the little guy and he has become pretty attached to me too.

Bart is doing great! 

Baxi Update! A picture of Baxi (Baxter) from Mother's Day weekend in Annapolis.  She is such a sweet girl and we are so glad we adopted her from you all back in December.  She has really turned into a trusting, loving, and loyal companion.  As you can see from the pictures, she is a very HAPPY Lab!

Sadie AKA Cricket.

Clean from her first bath. Happy Tails indeed!!!  Wish we knew her story. She is a great dog.

Miranda (Sandy) is home.  She is finally resting.  She rode well in the car and I think she is wicked smart.  While I was bathing, I told her to go out when she came in the bathroom.  She didn't stay out but she did go when instructed to do so. Thanks to everyone for everything. 

Ogryn (formerly Sammy) has been everything we could want in a pet.  He does have some of that bulldog willfulness but is very motivated to please.  In a short time he has learned many basic commands and has been walking beautifully on the leash.  Ogryn has even learned very quickly what times are play time and is a couch potato extraordinaire the rest of the time. He has proven to be a great playmate for both large and small dogs and loves small children.  He seems happiest when we head out to the pet store and there are children willing to play with him.  He has been a great ambassador for the breed and impressed many people with his obedience and gentle nature.  We truly could not have asked for a better addition to our family.  Thanks again for introducing us to him.

We love Bella Donna so much and we believe she is the perfect dog for our family. Attached is a picture of Bella and her toys.

Its fun to watch Princess Leia's  personality come out.  We know that can take sometime.  We're working on her puppy play and getting her to learn what is acceptable.  She doesn't look to chew/bite  me or my husband when playing but will still do it to the kids.  So a work in progress which is fine.  She is a completely smart little bugger!

Abby (Lady Kluck) is very calm, and adjusted very quickly.  The neighbor kids are in love with her.  She is very energetic outside, and  a perfect lady inside.   We couldn't have asked for a better dog! Thank you.

Sadie at home - she's doing great!

Cedar (now Yogi) is settling in fine.he enjoys his walks and likes lots of attention. Took him to the vet yesterday and he got a clean bill of health although he needs to gain some weight - he is eating very well.. I had him in the cage initially but haven't used it the last couple of days and there have been no accidents. He's getting along with my current dog and there have been no issues there. So the transition has gone well and he seems happy. Thanks!

"Duke Paddington" or Duke for short is enjoying his new home. He had trouble eating the first night so we added chicken broth and now he eats just fine without the broth. He is sleeping well but does not sleep in the bedroom with us. I'm not sure why but he chooses to sleep on the living room carpet. It may have to do with the cat who spends most of his time in the bedroom. We have been very active going on several walks a day and we have done a few hikes. He is a hunting dog! He goes crazy when he sees rabbits, squirrels, and deer. He loves to be outside and yet is very lazy inside the house. Once he goes out he is a whole different dog.

Diamond is home and happy! She met her new brother and sisters and is resting comfortably. We think she is a perfect fit for our family! We are going to call her Bella. Thank you so much!

Cassie in her pool, just loving life.

Tyler, who is now named Wylie, is an absolute pleasure - he has settled in amazingly well.  He has had not bathroom accidents in the house, is friendly with everyone including our cat, has already adjusted to the electric fence in our yard and received a clean bill of health from our vet yesterday.   He sleeps fine in our bedroom with no chewing issues.  Overall, we are beyond pleased with how this little guy has settled into our lives - better than we would have dared hoped for!

Sadie aka Alexis lounging in HER new yard.  Her people report that they are already bonding and couldn't be happier!

We don't know  Cocoa Nut... We know TANK.  Lol... I am happy and think he is too...

The great news about Nancy: she has not had one single bathroom accident. In addition to eating & drinking well, she has slept through every night soundly in her crate.

Everything is going great with Gladys. She's definitely relaxing a little and is getting along with our dog Tucker. She is super smart and is already pretty much housetrained. She seems comfortable with her crate and is eating out of a bowl now (she would only eat off the floor last week), and is sleeping well. She has a lot of energy and keeps us on our toes. I'm really excited to have her in our home.

All is great w/ Sunny! We love her. She slept well and the thunderstorms did not bother her a bit.  She did not have an accident and “did her business” on a couple of brief walks. She seems very happy and is eating very well. I am so impressed with your organization. Again, we could not be happier!

Hard to believe it has been a year since we got Hunter! I think he may have been one of your earliest adoptions when you were just starting up. Thought I'd send an early photo and a couple updated photos and thank you again for letting him come into our lives. He is a big guy now, but the most gentle and friendly dog you would ever meet. My daughter has niknamed him Lumpy since he's such a big goofy guy at times. Not always sure where his body is in space. He's full of energy and takes two 2-3 mile walks a day either in the park or in the neighborhood. He continues to travel well to our cabin or NC and enjoys the dog park and getting together with the other family dogs when the kids come home. He loves to take long hikes in the woods and enjoys the many scents he picks up. The hound in him kicks in when deer scent is in the air! He will carry a huge stick/small tree branch for the duration of the walk if he finds one. We have a stick collection on our front porch.

Herbert (formerly Harbaugh) has made excellent progress after less than a week here. When we brought him home, he was afraid of new rooms and hardwood floors. We were able to break that fear with a lot of treats and praise! He now enters every room of the house. He also seems to know his new name and "sit," and he doesn't even try to get on our couch. He's getting 2-3 good, long walks each day and sleeping soundly. He is very respectful and loving, and we are so happy to have him home with us!

My husband and I have both fallen in love with Sparky.  We have renamed him Jasper.  He is doing great!  He has a ton of energy and we love going for walks and runs with him or playing catch in our backyard.  He loves any type of ball no matter what size!  He is great at night time.  He sleeps through the night on the floor next to the bed and then in the morning gets up on the bed when the cat comes in to wake us up.  Jasper and Hendrix (our cat) have been getting along really well.  They both love snuggling up with us in the morning and right before bed.

Jackson who we have renamed Sheldon is coming along great.  First night was very stressful but we got through it and now we are doing very well with our crate training. He is eating like a horse - we have him eating three meals a day of a mixture of wet & dry - and going to the bathroom like a champ, too!

Here is Fenway .... AKA Twinkie.  Tim named him after his favorite ballpark.  Tim got him some toys and a new haircut today. Thanks for all your help.

(formerly Joseph) is adapting nicely, even to his new name.  Starting with a happy car ride home, to hanging out with me everyday while I work.  He now knows his boundaries on the property, and, no issues with his new  environment.  His feeding, walking/exercise/play and potty times are on a schedule.  He still isn't very fond of his crate (extra large kennel), hasn't slept in it yet.....he made some adjustments to his liking, however.  He dragged the doggie bed out out the crate, relocating it to the foot of my bed in the next room!  A hilarious sight to see, I just let him do it and he has slept like a baby every night. Would you believe this "tough guy's" favorite toy....a plush, fluffy, stuffed bone w/ a squeaker in it!  (None of the balls, not the tug toy, not the doggie Frisbee).  He insists on taking it with him when ever allowed, car rides, playtime on the deck, and to bed with him every night,  go figure.
Thank you for your part in this process, your collective efforts are appreciated more than I could ever express.  I look forward to long happy life with Jagger!

Teddy is doing well.  I decided to keep the name the foster's gave him instead of Cilantro.  He loves seeing all the other dogs that live in my apartment complex and is very friendly with others when he's taken for walks. He loves his new toys and can be very cuddly on the couch.  I've attached a few pictures of him!         

Nico is doing great we love him I am so glad that we waited long he is more than worth the wait!

Gina is doing great.  She is now known as "Ginger".  Our family feels like it hit the doggie jackpot!!!  She is sweet, friendly and very laid back.  She was a little timid and quiet the first few days, but she became more active and outgoing each day.   She is sleeping great through the night (she did from the very first night!!) and adjusted well to the crate-she hasn't had any accidents in the house.  It took her a couple of days to get used to steps but now is going up and down with no problem.  Her appetite was not that great the first couple of days but once we figured out the food she liked, she is on a normal schedule.  
All and all, the transition went very well and she is just a super dog!

Remi (Raggae) is doing very well. He sleeps very well just needs to go out once though the night.  I am feeding him Blue Buffalo and he seems to love it.  He's eating and drinking well. He is a very good puppy.  He got his last shot the other day and did great.