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Just Look At Us Now 2011

Once shy and scared, these pups came out of the shelter
and out of their shells!

One month since Bo came to live at his new home!A  quick list of everything we've accomplished in just four short weeks:
  • Up and down steps is no longer a challenge! Bo now runs up and down the steps all day, sometimes just for fun.. no set of steps is scary anymore! And, when I turn off the lights and set the alarm at night, Bo immediately goes up the steps ahead of me and gets in his dog bed.
  • He's gotten very good at eye contact - I spent a couple of weeks just rewarding him for looking directly at me and others, and he's getting better and better every day at it!
  • Bo now sits, stops and comes on command!!!! Next, we're working on "down."
  • He loves treats, his tennis ball, running, his best friend border collie Aspen and the dog park. He's learning new doggy habits almost every day. This week, we're learning how to get treats out of a treat ball.
  • He got his first bath yesterday, and got an A+ from the groomer for behavior!


Bobo is doing well! He is happily running around on the wood floors and is getting more and more comfortable every day. We've gone to the dog park every day and he is fantastic with other dogs, kids, and people. He's even starting to enjoy the car rides - he willingly jumps in, doesn't shake/sweat anymore, and today, he even stuck his head out the window a little to sniff the air.

Chloe (Cowgirl)  has gone from a timid little girl to a confident bundle of energy! Chloe now weighs a good 80 pounds, but she is all muscle from exercise and good food. And she has remained a sweetie...her favorite activity is curling up in my lap in the evening while we watch TV. And she doesn't mind sharing with our cats at all. In fact, I've started fostering kittens for our local animal shelter and we were surprised to learn that she has a motherly side. When she hears the kittens meow, she will begin to whine until she can get into the room with them, then she will lay down and pretty much let them play with her after she examines both ends very carefully!

Hudson is doing great, settling in well to his new home, and getting along great with his new sister, Marla.   This handsome boy is nothing but a perfect gentleman.

Buddy is doing great, and has really become part of the family. He's still a little shy, but he's really coming out of his shell.  He's an active guy, who loves playing in the dirt and going for walks.

Scruffy didn't have the best of starts.  Saved from a shelter now being investigated for abuse, Scruffy came to DogsXL emaciated and very scared.  But thanks to the love, caring and patience of his foster parents (who have become his adoptive parents), he's become one happy boy.  Through all of the tough times, he managed to keep a smile on his face.  He brings out smiles in everyone he meets, human and canine.  He's a smart dog who learns quickly and only wants to please.  He's come a long way from those early days.

Miley was adopted on May 16, 2011 and is happily adjusting to her new home, including her own space on the couch. Check out her new, adorable haircut, and spiffy sense of style.

Rocky has adjusted to his new loving home without any problems and I am proud to report he is already spoiled rotten, being able to snuggle in the bed.  He’s doing amazing and his new family couldn’t be happier.  “He is such a joy, and we love him so much.  He’s such a happy boy.  Thanks to everyone involved in Rocky’s rescue for bringing him into our hearts and his forever home!” 

Could you ask for a better dog? Gander is already crate trained, eating like a champ, and always looking for an opportunity to play. “He’s perfect.”

Dewey, who is now Suka (Sue-Kah) which means "Sugar" in Fijian, is an extremely happy and well loved dog.  He’s always excited to say “hello” to new people and dogs. But also has shown his mellower side, especially with his new friend, Kenny the cat. He’s a smart pup and is enrolled in school to improve upon his already impressive vocabulary. “Suka is doing great.  We are in love with him.”


Lucy has a ton of new friends (both human and canine) in her new home and is a professional snuggler.  She is starting to perk up and feeling more comfortable, especially since her foot has gotten better