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Kirsten Bramlett Memorial Fund

Kirsten Bramlett was a compassionate and vibrant member of the Dogs XL family. She opened her heart and home to rescue alum Shiloh in 2013. Tragically, Kirsten passed away in May 2018. In honor of Kirsten's dedication to animals, h
er family has requested that donations in her memory be made to Dogs XL Rescue. All donations are tax deductible and will support Dogs XL's efforts to help dogs find loving forever homes.  

Kirsten Bramlett
Born August 14, 1976
At Rest May 4, 2018

Kirsty's favorite place, her happy place, was the beach. Her soul was replenished when 
she was at the beach. She also enjoyed living in the country. She enjoyed the changing of the seasons-spring flowers, birds singing, then summer with the possibility of being at the beach, in the fall she loved the leaf colors, in winter she loved watching the snow fall. The main focus of Kirsty's life was the care and protection of animals. Kirsty loved animals and was a staunch advocate for their care and protection. She devoted many years of her life to caring for animals as a veterinary technician. She often brought home the special needs animals - broken, ugly, and difficult to adopt out. Most of these are geriatric now and we have lost two since her death.

For those of you who knew Kirsty, you are aware that she lived with a chronic disease since the age of 8. She fought a courageous battle against chronic/critical illness for most of her life. The battle became very difficult in 2009 and continued to become more and more difficult as the years passed. In May of 2016 she was very ill and never truly recovered her strength. She spent the next years in and out of the hospital, more in than out. In February of 2018 her battle became critical and  her body, worn out from constant illness, could not continue the fight anymore. She died as courageously as she lived. She is greatly missed by all who knew her and cared for her.

To honor Kirsty's lifelong commitment to animals and their care and protection we would ask that anyone who wishes to do something for Kirsty to please donate to animal rescue and protection. We are working on getting her Facebook page updated and place more information on it about animal rescue. Specifically, we encourage support of Dogs XL Rescue, which graciously allowed Kirsty to adopt her beloved dog. Many other rescues would not let her adopt, we think due to her disability, which broke her heart. Kirsty and Shiloh, the dog she adopted from Dogs XL, went on to become visiting therapy workers. Kirsty enjoyed doing this, Shiloh not so much. Shiloh now considers herself retired. We are also registering with AmazonSmile for any ongoing contributions to the rescue organization of the donor's choice. The photo below is of Kirsty, in her wheel chair, in front of the fish sculpture at the aquarium in N.C.