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The Puppies That Started It All...

In Summer, 2010 my veterinarian called me to ask if I could help a family who adopted a dog, which to their surprise, was pregnant. The family didn't know what to do with puppies so they wanted a rescue to step in and help with the puppies and then take the mama back.

I contacted several rescue groups, and although they were sympathetic to the situation, no one was willing to take in the the mama without knowing how many puppies there would be and what breed mix they were.


I stepped in to help and I learned a lot along the way about the importance of communication and coordinating resources. The experience inspired me to start a rescue group dedicated to helping people and puppies by thinking outside the box and working together with other rescue groups and the community.

These puppies, Twinkie, Hershey, Little Debbie, Ding Dong, and their mama Maggie, are responsible for the creation of Dogs XL Rescue. These are the first of many puppies, young and old, that we hope to help find loving forever homes.

Jessica Skopac
Founder, Dogs XL Rescue