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New Friends!

Choco is now Cisco, we have had him about a month now, of course we had started out with Fostering him so we have worked through any moving stresses.  He is doing really well, gets along great with Kasha and we love him!

Salvatore, now Tucker, is doing fantastic! He now sleeps through the night and is doing well with housetraining. We have had no health issues and he was given vaccines for bordatella, canine flu, and microchipped. He is getting along with our dog Fuji and they play well together and he doesn't even care about our cat. We couldn't be happier with him and look forward to many happy years with him in our lives.

Harrison adopted from

Harrison is just a doll. He has such a beautiful personality.  He got a new dog bed for Christmas and is listening better and better each day. He is responding well to his name. DogsXL Rescue was an absolutely wonderful experience for us. Everyone was SO nice and caring! Thanks so much!

We wanted to take a minute to bring you up to date on Tracker’s progress.  Today is his six month birthday!  He continues to make progress with his puppy manners.  He just graduated from his first obedience class tonight and we start our second class the end of July.  He has learned his basic commands (sit, stay, down) and continues to work on walking appropriately on the leash but is making great progress.  He is a very active dog and loves to play ball and run in the yard.  Tracker has taken a liking to birds and rabbits – luckily they are way faster than he is and they can get over and through the fence and he can’t (LOL).  Tracker is a loving addition to our family.  Thank you for assisting us in finding him and him in finding us.

I've changed LaLa's name to Molly and she is doing great!  Everything at the vet went well.  She's a healthy little girl.  She had one accident in the house the very first morning and that's it.  She's eating well, sleeping well, and is just a happy pup!  I've attached a few pictures.  The other dog in the one picture is my brother and sister in law's dog Chuy who is also a Dogs XL dog.  They get along great and have so much fun together.  I couldn't be happier with my decision to adopt Molly!!!

This is Tori the Saint Bernard in her new home.   Love the happy endings :)

Fifi's new mom, Nicole, is under her!  LOL! I think Fifi likes it there!

Things are going great with Max, which is what we've decided to call him. He is eating well and everything else seems to work as it should, too. He is also doing great socially. My wife's mom was here with him most of last week while we were at work, so that helped ease the transition. He has also done great around our 3-yr old and other friends of ours who have stopped by. He is very well mannered inside the house and on is walks.

Tuck has been the perfect gentlemen. He's slept through the night since day one. He's very gentle and comes up to us when he wants attention. I have noticed a little itching...I'm not sure if he was doing that before he got here but nothing crazy. We're finishing up his old food and slowly switching him to a salmon and peas dry food to try to improve his coat.

He hasn't barked at anything yet...but I figure he will once his feels more comfortable. Since my wife has been home with him the most he's definitely bonded with her more. He's starting to get more lively on our walks. He's GREAT on a pulling, and doesn't get into anything he's not supposed to. That's also similar to his house behavior. We have never had to reprimand him for getting into things he's not supposed to or begging or anything. He lays down where ever we are, most of the time, and just hangs out.

Ruger (now Milo) in his new home...another Happy Tail! I think He likes us!

Finley has been wonderful! He and Fritz continue to get along great. Fin has become an inseparable member of of our family, loved by one and all. Attached is a pic of Fin and Fritz this past week accompanying us on a trip to Connecticut to visit family (Fritz is on the left and Fin is on the right). We can't thank you or the Dogs XL organization enough for bringing Fin into to our lives!!

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Cavatelli (Wilson) and his new best buddy Murphy. They sleep together in the same crate at night, and share everything. They are getting along very well.

I wanted to let you know how wonderful Laverne, now Layla has been doing. She has been with us almost two months now and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. Her and my son love each other, she has taken on the role of protector in our home. She never likes when he is out of her sight, throughout the night she will go into his room and check on him when he is sleeping. She has been getting along great with our whole family.

Just wanted to update you on Izzy...Izzy has been such an amazing dog these past two days. We are so happy to have her join our family :) we really couldn't have asked for a better dog, thank you so much! Introducing Izzy to my cat, Carby, is still a work in progress. Carby is extremely unhappy as expected, and is seems that all Izzy wants to do is smell the cat and possibly play with it...not kill it, which is great. She is going to see the vet tomorrow morning and is enrolling in obedience training classes this week, so she will be a well behaved
pup (not that she is not already...she hasn't had an accident in the house yet, and she walks amazing on the leash!). I've attached a pic from when we went to Druid Hill Park yesterday :) The little white dog, Jack, is my best friend's dog.

I just wanted to send you some more pictures of Rocky aka shadow, can't believe its been 1 whole year since he has come into our home and hearts.  He is SPOILED ROTTEN.

Friar Tuck (right) now Kado is doing very well.  He was of course very nervous the first couple of days.  The first night hubby carried him upstairs to our room and put him in his bed (a pet carrier with the top taken off and a pillow in the bottom) and he stayed there through the night. By the third night he was up on the bed with hubby and I and sleeping against my knees through the night.  After about 36 hours he and my other dog (Honey) had their major differences worked out and have been romping and wrestling ever since.  He is doing great with the house breaking and has had no problems with eating, drinking and pooping.  We took him to our vet on Friday and everything looks good and he got his lyme disease vaccine.   He is definitely a snuggle bug and a goof.  Hope you like the pictures. 

Dooley is a great dog.  He has been very good for only being here a week. He sleeps in his crate at night and has been very good when in there. Here is a picture of us and our other dog Lily.

Thank you for following up on how Belle is doing!  I cannot say enough good things about her progress, how well behaved she is, and how unbelievably lovable she is!  She was pretty scared when i brought her home Monday night, but by Tuesday afternoon she warmed right up to me.  My neighbors fell in love with her and now I have a dog sitter whenever needed!  Belle loved their cat which I was very surprised by!  She hasn't had any accidents in the house and as soon as I let her outside she goes right away.  Belle is doing really well with other people and other dogs.  Today I took her to my roommate's parent's cottage on the beach for the day and she had a ball!!  She didn't want to go in the water, I think she's a little too young for that, but she was definitely interested.  She played all day with their dog Abby.

Parpadelle and his new sister.....tuckered and happy.

Monte in his new home.  Monte's new mom says he is fitting in perfectly.  Looks like baby Ky got himself a horsey!

Thank you again for letting us adopt Otis (Charleston). We have had him for a year now and he is adjusting well. He gets along very well with our other dog Molly and our cats Smokey and Dixie. He is a sweet boy who came to us "scared of his own shadow" and a bit on the skinny side, but is healthy and happy.  If he is laying down on the floor, Smokey will come along and rub up against him, they are such buddies! It does my heart good to see the sadness gone from his eyes from that very first picture we saw of him! He will receive many years of love and affection thanks to XL Dogs!!! Thank you again for such a sweet boy!

Leia has been wonderful!  We actually changed her name to Lucy, because she wasn't acting like she knew her name anyway.  She has made herself a big part of our family and we are madly in love with her. 

Look how happy Mack (now Milo) is!

Carter (aka Bear) is doing wonderful. We were pleasantly surprised to find that he sleeps through the night. Bear is very smart. We have already had success teaching him sit, stay and come!

We renamed Smoochy to Nico, he is a great dog who only asks for love and TLC!  He adjusted well, not sleeping much the first night but settling in now. He knows the routine and is so great with my children and our older (12 yo) pup Schatze.  We have relearned sit and out ( he likes the kitchen) and is working on stay.  I have attached a photo of him lounging with his new sister in WV.

Thank you for inquiring about Oma.  Oma appears to be settling in nicely.  She has a healthy appetite, sleeps well and appears to be happy.   Oma walks nicely and is interacting with other families and their pets nicely. 

We renamed Alec to Henry and we are really enjoying having him. He is a great dog and is finally comfortable in our house (he was afraid to leave his bed the first few days) and is exploring and playing with our other dog Eliza. He is eating fine - hungry all the time and we are giving him a bit of extra food as the vet said he should gain 5-10 pounds.

WE LOVE TEBOW (Caleb's new name) :) The first night was better than expected. I think it helped that he was already crate trained. We put him in his crate and went to bed and he cried and whined for only about 20 minutes before settling down and going to sleep. His first morning waking up, when we let him out, he went straight to the couch and peed on it. LOL I am thankful to say that was his ONLY in house accident since we brought him home.  It took him a few days to really start eating. We are mixing what his foster family was feeding him with the food we chose and now he is eating healthily, about 4-5 cups per day. He drinks A LOT and he goes to the bathroom pretty regularly.  He's a GREAT dog... always wants to be close to you.

We love Delta! She is amazing!

Sammy (Remi) is adjusting very well. He eats and drinks normal and also sleeps with us and his two new sisters. He is absolutely adorable, very loving and affectionate and is fitting in quite well. He is getting an immense amount of exercise with his one sister as they are only a year apart. He acts like a little bull and puts his head down and charges at her. Too cute...We are very fortunate to have found such a wonderful addition to our home.

Maxwell had his first vet visit today. He weighs 95.5 lbs, the missing hair on his back is from allergies to fleas. He has several medications that will take care of that. Our vet thinks he may be closer to 5 years old. However, no matter how old he is, he is just wonderful!! He has been a delight from the first minute we picked him up. He slept soundly the first night and has done so every night since.  He and our 13 1/2 old lab, Hunter, got along great right from the start.  Maxwell is gentle, loving, loves everyone, gets along with all of the dogs he has been exposed to, has been gentle with the children, has been obedient and just plain great! He loves to be with people, and follows us everywhere. Dogs XL, thank you so much for taking a chance on letting Maxwell come with us so far out of state. I know it must have been a concern for you. Maxwell has fit in beautifully. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and is VERY loved.
Thank you to each of you for your part in his care and adoption.

Sammy, who my husband renamed Ogryn, has settled in quite well.  He had a few accidents in the first few days but settled into our routine rather well.  We attempted to switch him to Blue Buffalo Freedom and two days into it noticed that both of his eyes had swollen shut overnight.  We gave him Benadryl and went  back to completely feeding the Pacifica and his eyes have returned to normal.  We are planning to find another food for him that does not include chicken as we have been informed that some dogs with grain allergies also have reactions to chicken that has been fed grain  We are quite happy with him and are willing to put the work into finding the right diet for him as he has already become part of our family. Here is Ogryn relaxing with Matt and Goblin.

Gretchen (now Sugar) has settled in very well.  She started sleeping thru the night the second night she was here. At first she wasn't interested in much food or water but in a few days she settled down and is now eating/drinking just fine.  We can't see her ribs anymore so that's good. 

Casey's doing fine. We're grateful to have him.  He's very affectionate with us, and gives every indication of liking it here. He enjoys the yard and is easy on the leash. He and Maxie, our other dog, are a good match. At first, Casey just stared at Maxie when Maxie play bowed, but now he plays enthusiastically. After being somewhat tentative with each other at first, they have become relaxed. I feed them in separate places and walk them separately, but they share toys, play with them together, and take naps close together.  Casey's also been friendly with the dogs we meet on our walk, too.

Deuce (Nelson) is settling in. He is beautiful and is very happy to be in his home.

Gary which we have re-named Sampson is fitting into our family slowly. He knows a few commands such as sit, watch me, lets go, and leave it. I have enrolled him into obedience classes which last six weeks once a week for an hour. He is a very sweet dog, who loves to be lick, attempt to get into your lap, and just want affection.

Here is an update on Brody.  He is doing extremely well!  He is a completely different dog from two days ago and getting along with his new buddy Pabst who is also a pit mix.  I have attached a picture of the two of them chewing on their toys together - pretty miraculous change.  One last thing, I have decided to change his name from Brody to Ripken, thought that reflected his never give up attitude and also the area that he lives in.  Thank you everyone for your help.  I'll be in touch with updates and soon would like to start doing some volunteer work for dogs XL.

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