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Just Look At Us Now!

Once shy and scared, these pups came out of the shelter
and out of their shells!


I wanted to touch base and give you and update on Calvin.  He is such an awesome dog and we love him so much!  Our walks are the best time of my day, even if its miserable out!  (although the weather has been awesome lately!)  We are in week 6 of ongoing additional training, and we just signed up for a nose/scent work tracking class starting in May.  We’ve worked very hard to desensitize him with neck associated fear.  Our trainer/behaviorist is awesome!  We are walking loose leash and I have to brag about it because we’ve come sooooo far!  We work every day after our evening walk which Calvin loves because he gets lots of love and treats!  He just started doggy day care at the Downtown Dog Resort and Spa one day a week, and I am quite sure his you tube features will go viral any day now!

Tomorrow will be one month since Bo came to live at his new home! It's amazing - I swear he learns something new every day. He's still pretty anxious in new indoor places, but here's a quick list of everything we've accomplished in just four short weeks:

  • Up and down steps is no longer a challenge! Bo now runs up and down the steps all day, sometimes just for fun.. no set of steps is scary anymore! And, when I turn off the lights and set the alarm at night, Bo immediately goes up the steps ahead of me and gets in his dog bed.
  • He's gotten very good at eye contact - I spent a couple of weeks just rewarding him for looking directly at me and others, and he's getting better and better every day at it!
  • Bo now sits, stops and comes on command!!!! Next, we're working on "down."
  • He loves treats, his tennis ball, running, his best friend border collie Aspen and the dog park. He's learning new doggy habits almost every day. This week, we're learning how to get treats out of a treat ball.

He got his first bath yesterday, and got an A+ from the groomer for behavior! Here he is in his snazzy new collar and tag, sitting and looking right at the camera like the good, stoic boy he is!Thank you for fostering him! He's been such a wonder - so well behaved, and so smart.

Jake is doing great! He had a couple accidents the first day and wasn't too fond of his first thunderstorm, but he is definitely settling in quicker than we expected. We are socializing him with people and other dogs and he is so friendly! He sneezes occasionally, but no coughing. I took him to the vet last Tuesday and she gave him a clean bill of health and said he looked great. She did give him a pro-biotic to help keep him regular as he wasn't eating a lot and had diarrhea the first day. Since then he regularly goes to the bathroom and is good at letting us know when he has to go out! He sleeps really well too! We are so happy with him and just can't get enough of him :)

Well we are family now! Bowler has set ownership of me as a toy and Mary as my loving mommie.  He was boarding for months and finally got adopted.  What a great success story!Thanks and God Bless.

Star has gotten into our routine and is coming more "out of her shell" and acting more like a puppy everyday!  We are looking into obedience classes so she can continue to learn basic skills and also socialize.  She is nervous around other dogs at this point so we need to do this slowly and with some help from a professional. 
This picture is from the first morning when she went in to wake up her great-grandmother bright and early at 6am.  I believe she will become a late sleeper as she let us sleep in till 8:30 this morning.  I guess she is not a morning girl.  The other pictures are her discovering toys.  She is getting the hang of what are her toys and beginning to play with them more and more.

Macie loves her new backyard with her forever family. What regal lady!

Just wanted to let you know that Brownie (pka Chase) fits right in with our family..  He is such a great dog and we love him so much already!  Thanks for making the connection :)  with us and this stray dog from Ohio, who we adopted on St. Patrick’s Day.

Poindexter - now just Dexter - is settling in well.  He was very anxious the first few days with lots of panting.  This seems to be settling down.  He gets along really well with the other dogs in Federal Hill.  He had his first trip to the Locust Point Dog Park today.  He loved running with the other big dogs.   He went to the vet on Monday (CityPets in Fed Hill).  He needs to gain about 10-15 lbs.   The vet thinks he will do this just fine with regular meals.  No other issues noted.  He is scheduled for his booster vaccines in a week. 

Thank you for all you do for dogs.   We love Dexter and are happy to have him with us.

We love Iceberg (we are planning to rename him Roshi, which is Japanese for Zen meditation master).  He is a very charming dog. He is a handsome boy for sure and more than one person thought he looked like a wolf.  :)
Thanks to you all for getting us this wonderful animal.  We think he will be happy with us.  If at all possible we would like to let his previous owners know that he will have a good home with us.  They obviously took really good care of him as demonstrated by his calm temperament and we are sorry they had to let him go. 
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