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2015 Adoptees

Ringo now Bear

Ringo who is now Bear is settling in nicely.  We'll get him into obedience class for some minor issues but all-in-all he's wonderful considering what he's gone through.


Rally spent the first couple of days snoozing and getting adjusted -- he is now eating and drinking very regularly, and has synced up with the family's schedule.  Rally does seem to breathe a little heavily for a few seconds after stepping up on a couch/bed (he has such long legs!), but we think this is most likely related to his general heartworm fatigue. We've been trying to keep him calm to keep his heart rate down, and he seems pretty happy with snuggling or hanging out nearby.  As far as manners go, Rally is very sweet and curious. He is getting better at not pulling on his leash or rushing the door to get outside. He's also been pretty mellow about food -- he waits for the OK to eat, and while he is not shy about pawing at us to ask for OUR food, he has been pretty responsive when we tell him to lie down or move away. As soon as Rally's heartworm treatment is complete, we look forward to giving him more exercise and space to work on training. He's mastered 'sit', but is still working on the rest of the repertoire.


Cody has been settling in well, he appears quite happy to have taken over our home. Here he is looking regal. I like the casual way he is holding the tennis ball. We have started working with a trainer, particularly with leash manners and counter surfing. Overall, he is doing very well. His puppy exuberance gets the best of him sometimes, but he wants to be a good dog and seems very trainable. Mostly, he just wants to be wherever we are. We have been pleasantly surprised to see that he already knew more commands than we thought. Cody has been romping with a group of other dogs most mornings. We introduced him to it slowly, but now he fits right in with the group.  Thanks to everyone at Dogs XL for taking care of Cody and making sure he was placed well. He is a great dog and we are all enjoying his company. 


She came out of her shell fairly quickly and we learned that she could bark, but it is appropriate barking and not a problem.  In fact, we love how it sounds! Initially, she was easy to walk but as she grew confidence she began to be harder to walk on the lead.  She is adjusting to our other dogs but the French Bull dog scares her.  She wants to play with the Boston Terrier, but Abbie isn't so sure about this ... Bianca is so big to her.  They get along and sleep near each other often.  If things get too much for Bianca she goes upstairs to our bedroom to chill.   She normally sleeps with us in the bedroom on my floor by my husband.  She's a great dog

Maya now Shira

Shira is doing great, she has come out of her shell almost completely!  Here she is with Annabelle, one of the Dolly puppies, both love to play!


Roxee is just the sweetest dog, and so smart! Now that she's settling in she's sleeping 'til almost 6:30 AM, which is an improvement on her original wake-up time of 5:30 AM.  Every day she has better manners while walking on a leash. We're working through getting her comfortable staying at the house alone when we work. We've figured out the ways she likes to play and she's loved by everyone.
Here's a picture from a few days ago - you can see that she's absolutely fabulous!

Harley Quinn

Harley has really settled in - and quickly, too. It seems like she has been with us for much longer than just three weeks. She is a snuggly love bug and extremely smart and trainable. We work with her on training everyday, she really enjoys it.  She has shown us that she REALLY loves playing fetch, inside and outside.

Bellissima now Bella

We adore her, she and our dog Bennie (also adopted from Dogs XL about two years ago) get along famously. It feels like she's always been a part of our little family!  We are so happy to have found her.  She's starting to fill out, and her coat is getting shiny.  She's a beautiful dog, and she is also very gentle and low-key (which is awesome because Bennie--who is about 10 lbs smaller than her at 22 lbs-- remains quite a handful!)  I think Bella is having a mellowing influence on Bennie.  For one thing, they give each other quite a workout, between running around the yard and wrestling around the house.
THANK YOU TO DOGS XL!!!  We love you guys.  I've adjusted my Amazon account so that it automatically donates a little bit to Dogs XL every time I make a purchase.  Picture of Bella getting a kiss from Bennie