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2016 Adopted Dogs


Mulligan is doing well adjusting to his new home! We are starting training this week and I am excited for that. 
He sleeps great through the night, has since this first night. Every once in a while he whines in the middle of the night for water, but that's only happened a few times.
He does always eat his food pretty fast.  We have been working on walking without pulling and I am sure some training will help with that as well.

Harley Quinn

She is a snuggly love bug and extremely smart and trainable. We work with her on training everyday, she really enjoys it.  She has shown us that she REALLY loves playing fetch, inside and outside. 

Sobe now Sadie

She is a darling, although a very strong one!  Extremely laid back – she loves the car and on our ride home sat like a queen in the back seat.  Connected with my husband and I immediately – she wants to be with us all the time or at least have companionship so we are now looking for a buddy for her.  That was our plan all along, we just weren’t sure how quickly we wanted to do that.  We have doggie daycare right around the corner from us so I take her there at least twice a week for a few hours – she loves it and they call her Big Mama. J  She loves soft toys so we’re building that inventory.  She has the best face around – and wonderful soft fur. She is totally in synch with her new surroundings and routine, transitioned without a hitch.  Sadie is younger and larger than the dog we planned to get at this stage of our lives (we’re in our 60’s and have always had 2 mid-size to large dogs) but we’re very happy we decided to make her part of our family.

Buttons now Bentley

Buttons (now Bentley) is amazing!!! We are so lucky to have him in our family. He is settling in very well. He is sleeping great. We bought him a couple of dog beds but he prefers to sleep on our wood floor on the main level (the foster told us that he did the same thing there).
Bentley has been amazing with our kids. He is so patient and they love him so much. His favorite thing is belly rubs so he gets them constantly. He is definitely getting comfortable and a bit protective of our family. He is starting to bark when he sees other dogs or men that are trying to interact with us or the kids. If we take him to the bus stop and people approach him, he is completely fine. However, when he sees another dog he immediately wants to say hi so he runs after them. Since we had an English Mastiff previously, we have had experience with how to handle the leash with a large dog, and he does very well on the leash.  When we leave for the day, we have been leaving him out on the main floor and he has been incredible. 
Every day we feel like we won the jackpot with Bentley. He has fit right in. We all love him so much. We are so thankful to DogsXL for letting us adopt Bentley. I cannot tell you how much we adore him. 


Eleanora is doing wonderfully and adjusting even better than we expected in such a short period of time.

She is eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom just fine. No issues there. We purchased the same food her foster was feeding her (Kirkland salmon and sweet potato)as well as the same treats.

She has already taken over the guest room bed as hers and snoozes in her upstairs and downstairs dog beds.   We live in fives acres with most of it wooded, and she really enjoys walking through our woods with us. We generally have a daily adventure in the woods, weather permitting. We also have a nice fenced-in area of our property. She likes to lay outside and soak in the sun by the south part of the fence. 

Bethany Shana,
Mar 9, 2016, 12:52 PM
Bethany Shana,
Mar 9, 2016, 11:51 AM